My Top 5 Travel Gadgets

So, since we’ve been talking a lot about our Fresh Grounded Faith cruise and all our travel tips, here is a list of my favorite gadgets to add to your travel bag! These are the must-haves that make traveling easier. You never want to bring so many gadgets that you need another carry on, but you want to choose wisely the few that will improve your travel experience. So, here are my top five:

1. Water bottle humidifier
Okay, now this one you can’t just pick up at your local hardware store! But, you can get it online or at a specialty travel store. It’s a humidifier that is smaller than most of my purses! Since I usually have trouble with sinus dryness when I stay in hotel rooms, this little gadget humidifies the air I am breathing! You simply screw a water bottle onto it, plug it in, sit it right by your bed and then all night you will breathe in moist air! And, I often drip some lavender in my water bottle so it freshens the fragrance of the room and makes me feel like I’m sleeping in a spa!

2. Extension cord
Yep, the most ordinary, buy it at any hardware or grocery store kind of extension cord! The reason I always travel with one is because you never know where those outlets will be and chances are, they won’t be located where you need them! Also, I rarely travel alone so there’s always someone else who needs to plug in their stuff too. So a long, multi-outlet extension cord not only gets your outlet where you want it—as in, right next to you—but it also offers a lot more outlets than the hotel room does. And, I not only do this for hotels and cruises, I bring along an extension cord when I visit family and friends too. It is a small little gadget that gives big convenience!

3. Luggage strap
I absolutely cannot, will not, travel without a luggage strap! There are two kinds I use. The first is only about 12 inches at its fullest extension. I use it to strap together my bag with my husbands. Or, I will use it to strap my backpack or travel tote to my wheeled luggage. That way, I am only pulling my stuff instead of loading heavy bags on my shoulders making my posture worse than it already is!

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The second kind of strap I use can extend as long as 50 inches! This one is usually a bright color with a distinct pattern and it wraps around your luggage. I use this for two reasons. First, it makes my bag stand out when I check it and am trying to find it amongst the millions that are cycling around the conveyor belt in baggage claim! And, it also serves to protect my luggage in case it tears or breaks or in case somebody with sticky fingers and sneaky intent thinks they may want to unzip it and slip their hands in to take a souvenir!

4. Kipling mini bag with strap
I am such a huge fan of the Kipling brand and this little pouch has come in handy so many times. I use the pouch to pack my little essentials and then when I arrive, I usually unload those little essentials in the hotel drawer and then I attach the strap on it and have a light weight messenger bag to slip my wallet, phone and keys in for the day! Here’s another link to more little bags I love.

5. ID and credit card holder
This little gadget is probably obvious why it’s so handy. But, the features I love about it is that it has a clip so I can easily find it because I have clipped it on my belt loop or purse. I put in it my hotel key and one credit card and my ID. That way, all the things I know I will need most often are right at my fingertips. No more digging in a deep bag or pulling off the backpack to forge through it! And, when it is clipped to my belt loop, I have the added security that if my purse or tote got snatched from my shoulder, I would still have what I need to get back home!

So, there ya go! There are some more gadgets I travel with but these are the few that I always have with me! Any travel gadgets you like and would recommend? Tell us in the comments!

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