Living With Fresh Grounded Faith – FGF Highlights, Melbourne, FL

It was such a great weekend at Fresh Grounded Faith Melbourne. For this Florida girl, it was especially fun being with all my Florida friends. Even my high school English teacher was there! And since we were in Phil’s hometown, it was a treat to see a lot of his high school friends too.

FGF Melbourne Florida Kelly Minter Michael O'Brien

Thank you to Sarah Sullivan for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined the photo booth fun, you can view your photos here.

There are so many things I could say about this weekend, but two attendees said it best in a Facebook post that was shared with my team.

Pam Zon and Pat Ammala wrote this poem right after the conference, and I just had to share it because their words captured the theme of the weekend…

Fresh Grounded Faith

I will not be shaken because I’m a daughter of the King.
He gives me hope. He gives me strength and a message He wants to bring.
Sometimes you just need to lift up your cup to rejuvenate your soul.
For God is the one who will renew all things and can make you whole.

What shakes you can shape you for the better so just give God the lead.
You’re either where you should be or not. God will give you all you need.
God is not limited by your impossible circumstances. You can sow seeds as you weep.
What you sow in tears will result in joy and blessings you will reap.

Let wisdom be the sentinel of your heart. There will always be choices we have to face.
Modify your expectations to the level of God’s grace.
Glorify God with your body. It was bought at a great price.
Fill your soul with the Scriptures and begin to live like Christ.

We can do things our way or do what God wants us to do.
Take refuge under the wings of God and let Him take care of you.
I am walking toward the living God and in Him I’ll put my trust.
A fresh grounded faith I’ll live for the God who is holy and just.

(Written by Pam Zon and Pat Ammala, October 23, 2022)

Amen, sisters!! Isn’t this poem just beautiful?

It certainly conveys the heart of the messages shared by Kelly Minter, Michael O’Brien, and myself as we taught from God’s Word and led our time of worship.

And how appropriate for the poem to say, “God will give you all you need,” because He did just that! As we sought the Lord through His Word, He was faithful to fill our cups.

We were refreshed and encouraged, and our Heavenly Father drew many women to Himself. We celebrated 13 new sisters in Christ and 35 women who chose to renew their commitments to Him! We also rejoiced over 96 children who were rescued from poverty through Compassion International! Praise the Lord!

God was on the move in Melbourne, and we were grateful He invited us into His work!

A huge thanks to Calvary Chapel Fellowship for inviting Fresh Grounded Faith to partner with you for such a great event. I’m grateful for Rose Steele, who led with such grace, and for the many volunteers who stepped out in faith and trusted the Lord’s leading.

My hope is that we would do the same!

As our sweet sisters, Pam and Pat, wrote so beautifully in their poem … may we live with fresh, grounded faith in the God who is holy and just. May we walk toward our living God and in Him put all our trust.



Jennifer and the FGF Team!

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