[15-Day Faith Builder] Day 3: U = Undo It

Do you know what Control Z is?

It is the best thing I have learned on a computer and it has saved me many times from computer disaster and nervous break downs! Control Z is the command for “undo.”


Imagine you wrote a brilliant paragraph, selected that brilliant paragraph to move to another more brilliant place on the document just to not-so-brilliantly press “delete” before pressing “copy”…


Well, it has happened to me! And, when I realize my mistake, I can quickly press “Control Z” before moving on and it will undo that mistake. There are some habits we could use a “Control Z” button, aren’t there?


We often pay attention to the things we “do” that help our faith grow; things like reading the Bible or praying. But is there something that hinders your faith that you need to undo?

Complaining? Worrying?

[pullquote_right]A piece of truth:
Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord;
– Acts 3:19

Perhaps you call a friend when something happens instead of first calling on God in prayer? That is a habit that may need a Control Z!

Maybe you turn on the TV to avoid silence when you are alone, so you can avoid facing what hurts you?  Undo!

What do you need to “undo?”  When you UNDO IT, you turn away from one action or reaction, and replace it with a faith building action.

Instead of worrying —  pray.

Instead of calling a friend first — call God first.

Ask God to show you one action or reaction that keeps you from trusting Him or believing His Word, so you can begin to undo it today.

Okay, we are one step closer to Trust and Believe.

T = Thanks for Everything

R = Renew Your Mind

U = Undo It

Can’t wait to be with you tomorrow.


Jennifer Rothschild

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