Beth Moore on All Her Knotted-Up Life [BONUS]

Beth Moore All My Knotted Up Life Memoir 

Part 1: Beth Moore on Writing Her Memoir

Part 2: Beth Moore on Her Broken Past

Part 3: Beth Moore on the Firestorm

That’s right, 4:13ers! Author and Bible teacher Beth Moore is on the podcast, and I was so excited to talk to her about her new memoir, All My Knotted-Up Life.

Not only did I get to read it before it was released, but I also got the inside scoop from Beth. And sister, we had the best conversation. She shared such interesting and encouraging insights from her life, and then we spent some time catching up.

Can I Find Freedom From Depression? With Stephen Arterburn [Episode 233]

Find Freedom Depression Stephen Arterburn

Depression can feel like a wet blanket that weighs us down or a dark fog that keeps us from seeing clearly. It can lead us to feeling helpless and alone—even to the point of hiding our feelings because we’re afraid of being shamed or misunderstood.

But when we’re struggling, we have two choices: we can either sink even more deeply into our own sadness or—through God’s grace—we can seek help.

Georgia on My Mind – FGF Highlights, Cumming, GA

Who sang that great old song, “Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind”? When I got home from Fresh Grounded Faith Cumming, that song came to mind as I kept reminiscing about the weekend.

Fresh Grounded Faith Cumming Georgia Michael O’Brien Annie F. Downs Katherine Wolf

Thank you to Kierston Parks for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined the photo booth fun, you can view your photos here.

That’s because there were many sweet songs and echoes of sweet moments at First Redeemer Church that keep Georgia on my mind.

Spill the Beans LIVE with Angela Thomas Pharr and Meredith Andrews at Fresh Grounded Faith Hattiesburg, MS [Episode 232]

Spill Beans Live Hattiesburg Mississippi Kelly Minter Meredith Andrews

We are coming to you LIVE from a Fresh Grounded Faith event in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and we’re spilling some beans with author Angela Thomas Pharr and singer-songwriter Meredith Andrews.

Angela talks about being a single mom of five kids and what it was like for her new husband to become an instant dad. She also gives her best advice for single moms, and sister, it’s not what you may think. You’re going to love it!

Can I Face Hard Things Even When It’s Cancer? With Niki Hardy [Episode 231]

Face Hard Things Even Cancer Niki Hardy

When someone gets a cancer diagnosis, they get all sorts of extras right along with it, like fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Well today’s guest, Niki Hardy, had already lost her mom and sister to cancer when she got her own diagnosis of cancer. But she decided early on that she wouldn’t put life on hold because of the dreaded C-word. Instead, she chose to be a thriver, not just a survivor.