Shortcode Examples


Fancy Header [fancy_header]Fancy Header Text Goes Here[/fancy_header]

Dropcap 1 [dropcap1]A[/dropcap1]


Dropcap 2 [dropcap2]A[/dropcap2]


Pull Quote Right [pullquote_right]Insert your text here[/pullquote_right]

Pull Quote Left [pullquote_left]Insert your text here[/pullquote_left]

Frame Left [frame_left]Insert the full URL path to your image[/frame_left]

Frame Right [frame_right]Insert the full URL path to your image[/frame_right]

Frame Center [frame_center]Insert the full URL path to your image[/frame_center]

Download Box [download_box]Insert your text here[/download_box]

Warning Box [warning_box]Insert your text here[/warning_box]

Info Box [info_box]Insert your text here[/info_box]

Note Box [note_box]Insert your text here[/note_box]

Fancy Box [fancy_box]Insert your text here[/fancy_box]

Check List


  • Item #1
  • Item #2
  • Item #3



Toggle Content

[toggle title=”Toggle Title”]Insert your text here[/toggle]


Highlight One

[highlight1]Insert your text here[/highlight1]

Highlight Two

[highlight2]Insert your text here[/highlight2]



[divider]Insert your text here[/divider]

Divider Top

[divider_top]Insert your text here[/divider_top]

One Third

[one_third]Insert your text here[/one_third]

One Third Last

[one_third_last]Insert your text here[/one_third_last]