What Happens When God Doesn’t Heal?

Spill The Beans
Dear Jennifer,

I was so inspired when I first saw your video on Walking by Faith: Lessons I Learned in the Dark.  I’ve had a bad case of tinnitus for almost 1 1/2 years with severe hearing loss in one ear and several sounds that constantly are hard to put out of my mind.

I am a born again Christian but have been struggling with this since I can’t seem to get my mind off of it.  With the hearing loss, it makes it even harder because the noise seems to be louder.  I am doing some biofeedback and taking anti-depressants which do not help a whole lot.  This problem has really been severe for me and my husband, who is also a Christian.  He gets so tired of hearing me talk about it.  It really gets me down.  Since it doesn’t appear God is going to heal me, do you have any ideas on this type of affliction?

Your Friend, Discouraged

Jennifer’s Answer: