Can I See Past Myself When I Read Scripture? With Tara-Leigh Cobble [Episode 265]

See Past Self Read Scripture

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Scripture is meant to reveal God to us, but sometimes it’s hard for us to see Him there. Well, what if all you needed was a new lens?

We often look to the Bible for advice on how to live, but when that becomes our focus, we may miss the point of Scripture: to reveal God and His character to us.

So today on the 4:13, trusted Bible teacher and podcaster, Tara-Leigh Cobble, will sharpen our view of Scripture by sharing how to read it and what to look for. She’ll share rich theological truth, helping you grow in the knowledge of God’s character and rest in His goodness.

Can I Really Know the God of the Bible? With Kathie Lee Gifford [BONUS]

Know God Bible Kathie Lee Gifford The Way

Kathie Lee Gifford is on the podcast today, and you’re going to love this conversation.

She creates a compelling case for the God of the Bible by merging the ancient with the modern, giving you some historical and cultural insights that will open your eyes—and your heart—to see God and the Bible as never before.

While the stories in the Bible are thousands of years old, they continue to offer life, hope, and direction for today. And in this BONUS podcast episode, you’ll be reminded of the Bible’s ever-present, life-transforming power.

Can I Know God’s Blessing Is for Me? [Episode 39 With Tina Boesch]

Can I Know God’s Blessing Is for Me? [Episode 39 With Tina Boesch] jpg

The older I get, the more often the words of my sweet, Southern grandmother echo through my thought closet.

“Mama” taught me a lot through her words and her life. I giggle now at one of her stern admonishments to me when I was just a little girl. With her small voice and Southern drawl, she would often say, “Honey, don’t ever watch so-poppers.”