Eli Took a Gutsy Dare

Eli travels with us to our Fresh Grounded Faith conferences, and is such a HOOT! We love him. He is a representative from Compassion International, one of my all-time favorite causes and one we like to talk about at FGF.

I surprised him on stage with an opportunity … okay, a dare.

photo 3
I asked him, in front of all the women so he couldn’t say no, if the ladies sponsored 50 kids, would he wear one of our Gutsy Girl tee shirts on stage?

The women roared with approval. He reluctantly agreed.

Well, since that went so well, I decided to step up the wager. I asked him, if the women sponsor 60 women, would he stand on stage in his new shirt and sing for us?

The women roared even louder. I’m afraid the poor guy had no choice but to agree!