Let’s Go to Hawaii

Things are pretty busy around the JRM Headquarters. We are smack-dab in the middle of two major Fresh Grounded Faith events of the year! They happen to be a week apart from each other.

So, I thought we could all just take a deep breath and go to Hawaii together! We shot this video many years ago on the beaches of Hawaii, where I happened to film my Fingerprints of God Bible study.

I hope a little throwback Thursday fun and the beautiful scenery will remind you of God’s touch on your life.


Do you have a favorite getaway spot? Leave a comment below.

What Can I Do to Reinforce God’s Word?

Spill The Beans
Dear Jennifer,

What can I do to reinforce God’s Word? I started your Bible study Fingerprints of God. I will do the homework and share in the study group, only to walk out of class and not be able to recall it.  I bought your book yesterday, Self Talk, Soul Talk, and I read in it exactly what happens to me–the enemy of my mind robs the seed that was sown, and then I begin to believe the word of how I will never be able to retain it. I have beaten myself up many times over this same issue.  My heart’s desire is to live out what God’s Word teaches. I clean out the closet only to realize the junk has overtaken the Word. Help!  I’m feeling defeated.