Spill the Beans LIVE with Karen Kingsbury and Annie F. Downs at Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield, MO [Episode 306]

Spill the Beans LIVE Karen Kingsbury Annie F. Downs Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield, Missouri

Have you ever been with friends who make you laugh, make you grateful, and just plain make you a better person? Well, I was in Springfield, Missouri at a Fresh Grounded Faith event with two friends who do that for me: best-selling author Karen Kingsbury and podcaster extraordinaire, Annie F. Downs.

We spilled the beans about dating apps, how to help someone who is struggling with a loss, and how to love the season you’re in. Plus, we shared how to help someone when they’re having a panic attack and how to hold fast to God in your darkest hour.

I Found Something I Love More Than Premier Designs Jewelry

I just spent the weekend with almost 7000 Jewelers at the annual Premier Designs Rally held in Fort Worth. I was their guest speaker Friday afternoon, and I can’t tell you how much I loved it. I wore my PD Jewelry proudly on stage (thx Dana), and told this enthusiastic group that my cane had almost as much bling as some of them were wearing. If you gotta carry it, why not decorate it.

new gutsy girls from w. virginia

Just some of the Jewelers I loved meeting at PD Rally