Let’s Go to Hawaii

Things are pretty busy around the JRM Headquarters. We are smack-dab in the middle of two major Fresh Grounded Faith events of the year! They happen to be a week apart from each other.

So, I thought we could all just take a deep breath and go to Hawaii together! We shot this video many years ago on the beaches of Hawaii, where I happened to film my Fingerprints of God Bible study.

I hope a little throwback Thursday fun and the beautiful scenery will remind you of God’s touch on your life.


Do you have a favorite getaway spot? Leave a comment below.

A Snack Stop at Persimmon Hill Farm

My main man Phil and I couldn’t resist the gourmet Blueberry Thunder Muffins at Persimmon Hill Berry Farm in Lampe, MO. Delicious. Ever been there?


The drive down to Lampe winds through the Ozarks countryside, along the highway connecting Branson, Missouri and Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was such a beautiful summer day for a short getaway! Such a fun experience. We picked berries, then enjoyed the FRUITS of our labor with a taste test.

And don’t even get me started on the muffins. All I will say is, if you haven’t had the fortune of tasting a Persimmon Hill jam, jelly, sauce, spread, or baked item, I HIGHLY recommend it. We’ll be doing it again soon.

Question: Where do you go for a short getaway? Tell us about it here.