Get Those Unmentionables Out of Your Life

For about ten years now, Katharyn, Lori, and I have met for a girls’ weekend.  Beach condos, New York City hotels, and even our homes have all played host to our once-a-year estrogen-charged escapes.

This year, we chose Kansas City for our latest installment.  We arrived late Thursday night to discover our lovely suite overlooked the Country Club Plaza, yes; my expectations and excitement were brimming.  The only thing I anticipated more than the shopping was the emptying of my brimming bladder; yes, it had been a long drive.

After checking in, I raced into our hotel bathroom and quickly shut the door.  Well, I tried to shut the door.  Something had lodged beneath it and the door was jammed.  I reached down to dislodge the assumed washcloth, grasped a wad of fabric in my fist—and screamed.  Katharyn and Lori rushed to the scene for a “sight” inspection.  I knew for certain when Katharyn yelled, “Gross!” and Lori groaned.  I held an anonymous pair of men’s underwear in my hand.  We all marched from the restroom to the phone.  I pressed zero and connected with the young man at the front desk.

How Can I Learn to Control My Tongue?

Spill The Beans

Dear Jennifer,

I just completed your Bible study Me, Myself and Lies.  It was extremely rewarding and beneficial to me.  I just have one question.  First, a little background on me.  I have been very blessed.  I was raised in church by great parents and married a great Christian man and have two daughters.

I try so diligently to lead a devout Christian life in my job.  Most people at my job do not lead Christian lifestyles, so I feel I have to work extremely hard to lead by example.  I have one serious problem that I really have trouble keeping under control, and that is my mouth.  I can’t keep anything a secret.  I pray everyday that God will help me keep my mouth shut.

I have really been very good all year until now.  I overheard something about my boss that involved my co-workers, and we were discussing it before work one morning.  Later, somehow the boss heard about it and confronted me in front of my peers.  Very embarrassing.  I do not understand why I always get caught.  Everyone was discussing it, but he only heard that it was me.  It ruined my entire Christmas vacation and I am in deep depression.

What do you do if you have these bad thoughts in your thought closet and they are warranted?  I am truly in the wrong and I should not be gossiping.  I do not want to be known as a gossip.  I want to be able to keep my mouth shut.  The only thing I know to do is to isolate myself at work and just stay to myself.  I do not have any good feelings in my thought closet at all now about myself.


Jennifer’s Anwser: