Can I Leave Egypt Behind? With Jen Wilkin [Episode 188]

Leave Egypt Behind Jen Wilkin

We may not have carved an image to worship lately, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have idols in our lives. Our idols are much more subtle.

I had an interesting conversation on this very topic with Bible teacher, Jen Wilkin, while in the green room at a Lifeway Women Live event, and she does a great job explaining what an idol is, how they show up in our lives today, and the unsuspecting ways we worship them.

Do You Have an Idol Hidden in Your Closet?

Just about the time I started writing the Hosea Bible Study, I became obsessed with social media.

I went from never noticing how many friends I had on Facebook to obsessively checking my number of friends and likes daily… somedays, even several times a day… okay, way too many times a day!


The reason the number mattered to me was because I was basing my identity and acceptance on how many friends, shares, and comments I had on Facebook.