Oh Wow, I Did Not Expect This

Oh wow, I did not expect this… but I am grinning ear to ear! Thank you!

Today we announced JenniFriends… the Group with the Inside Scoop, and it has been such a fun day… because of so many of you! I am overwhelmed with how many of you became JenniFriends!

Now in case you’re just jumping in, JenniFriends is a group of friends who want to help me share the message God has given me. JenniFriends will partner with me, be a sounding board for new projects, and help get the word about new books and Bible studies. JenniFriends will also get special perks (because I like to keep things fun!) And my personal favorite, JenniFriends are invited to join a private Facebook group.

If you’re a JenniFriend, I cannot wait to get to know you more. And if you’re not a JenniFriend yet, it’s not too late! Hop on over to the JenniFriends page and sign up!