How to Hear God’s Voice Through Scripture

“Are you there? Can you hear me?! Can you hear me now?” How many times have you held your phone to your ear and asked — okay, shouted, “Can you hear me?” Then, you shift positions; you move to a window, put the phone up to the other ear, speak even louder, “Can you hear me now?”


If you’re like me, you’ve done that too many times to count! In fact, so many of us have had this happen that Verizon Wireless featured an actor uttering those very words over and over in their famous cell phone commercials. Remember that?

I Want To Be Like My Son When I Grow Up

Clayton is an intelligent, thoughtful, contemplative young man. He’s always been a thinker.

When he was born, friends told me that even his little baby face looked “so serious.” Clayton is a smart guy. Chances are, whatever the topic of discussion, Clayton knows something about it … something useful, interesting.

The day I held my son in my arms for the very first time. There aren't words to describe the moment.

The day I held my son child in my arms for the very first times. There aren’t words to describe the moment.

When we traveled on a family cruise this past summer, we didn’t even miss having the use of our phones for the internet because we had Clayton with us. As we said, “Who needs Google when you’ve got Clayton!”

When an opinionated person chooses to restrain thoughts, it shows a ton of self-control and thoughtfulness toward others.
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I’ve learned from him. One thing he’s taught me is even though I may know more, I don’t have to share it. Clayton’s opinions are usually very thought-out, but he isn’t quick to begin lectures on the subject. As he’s matured, he shows other-centered restraint when it comes to dispensing his opinion. What a great example that is to me.

Clayton 4