Can I Declutter My Life? [Episode 44]

Can I Declutter My Life? [Episode 44] jpg

Simplify your life. It’s a thing, isn’t it? Thank it and throw it away. Declutter.

I laughed when I searched for this topic on the internet. I found one blog with 72 ways to simplify your life and another that had 100 ideas. But, only a few of the same ways showed up on both lists! Can you believe that?

Can I Overcome Sadness? [Episode 40]

Can I Overcome Sadness? [Episode 40] jpg

“We’re overcome with deep sadness to be at this point,” my friend texted me.

Now, you need to know this girl is Tigger on steroids. She’s ordinarily happy, upbeat, and always positive and hopeful. But, sister, she wasn’t on the day she sent me this text.

Can I Hold On When I Want to Let Go? [Episode 5]

I used to have a guide dog named William. And, one Sunday morning, after I’d had William for several months, we sat attentively in my Bible study group.

Well, at least … I sat attentively … kind of.

It was awfully hard because William’s attention was riveted by a grasshopper that had made its way into our room via an open door.

William was determined to catch that critter—even if he had to knock over a stack of Bibles and three Baptists in the process! He slapped his paws forward and jerked his head in pursuit.