Can I Learn to Wait on God? [Episode 20 with Meredith Andrews]

Can I Learn to Wait on God? [Episode 20 with Meredith Andrews]

When Phil and I had been married about a year, he was the Director of Student Life at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Part of his job was to oversee the student body’s formal banquets.

So, twice a year I had to squeeze some money from our tight budget to buy a formal dress—and, for the most recent event, I’d found a beautiful black dress at a bargain price.

The Two Biggest Frustrations of Blind People, and What You Can Learn From It

My friend Bill was helping me with some computer training when that nagging “update” message showed up. So, while we waited, we chatted. He mentioned how dealing with computers requires patience and being blind and dealing with computers require even more!

Because he’d done computer training for lots of blind people for many years, he told me how he’d observed that each one deals with lots of frustration and it isn’t just because of computers; it’s because of the maddening trappings of blindness.

I asked Bill if he could summarize their frustration. His response was quick and I must say, accurate.