Cooking with the Blind and the Blonde: Recipe for No-Bake Energy Bites

So, Sunday night I decided to be spontaneous with my friend Angela and turn on Periscope while we made No-Bake Energy Bites.

The result was laughter and lots of Periscopers joining us in my kitchen.

Lots of women asked for the recipe and I told them I would give it to them right here on my blog. So, here it is sisters!


It’s easy, fast and so, so good! And, if you aren’t on Periscope yet, join me on Periscope to get in on the fun!

Why You Need to Periscope with Me

Did you know that even a blind woman can use Periscope?

What is Periscope?

It’s the easiest way to broadcast video — live, unedited video — from your phone.


It has all the potential for mistakes, regrets, and “oh my gosh, did I just say that!?” kind of snafus.