Can I Show Good Judgment Without Being Judgmental? [Episode 304]

show good judgment judgmental summer sizzle

It’s hot out there, but the podcast has been even hotter over the past few weeks as we’ve featured your most shared, hottest episodes on the 4:13! We’re calling these episodes our Summer Sizzle, and if you’ve missed any, be sure to go back and listen to them here.

Otherwise, get ready for another great throwback episode, this time to Episode 37: “Can I Show Good Judgment Without Being Judgmental?” Because none of us want to be “judgy,” but we do want to show good judgment, right?

Can I Pray Scripture Over the People I Love? With Sharon Jaynes [Episode 300]

Pray Scripture People Love Sharon Jaynes

Prayer doesn’t come easy for everyone. Whether we’re praying for ourselves or for someone else, it can be such a thing sometimes, can’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Today, you are going to learn a refreshing and practical way to pray for the people you love. And believe me, you’re going to love this because it’s easy to remember and easy to do each time you interact with all your people!

A Big Shout Out to the Home Team – FGF Highlights, Springfield, MO

The final Fresh Grounded Faith conference of the year is a wrap, and what a treat it was to end our 2023 tour in my hometown, Springfield, Missouri!

Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield Missouri Annie F. Downs Karen Kingsbury Mark Meyer Worship Collective

Thank you to Chuck Neely for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined the photo booth fun, you can view Friday’s photos here and Saturday’s photos here.

Since the Springfield conference is an annual event, it’s one I look forward to every year for so many reasons:

Can I Pray Scripture Over My Marriage? With Jodie Berndt [Episode 268]

Pray Scripture Marriage Jodie Berndt

GIVEAWAY ALERT: You can win the book Praying the Scriptures for Your Marriage by this week’s podcast guest. Keep reading to find out how!

Do you ever pray for your spouse? What about praying with your spouse?

Well, Jodie Berndt is back on the 4:13 today, and she shares how prayer is a simple way to infuse power into your marriage.

Whether you choose to pray individually or together with your spouse, you’ll discover the peace, provision, and joy that comes from trusting God with your most important relationship.

Can I Tell God How I Feel in Prayer? With Suzanne Eller [Episode 253]

Tell God Feel Prayer Suzanne Eller

GIVEAWAY ALERT: You can win the book Prayer Starters by this week’s podcast guest. Keep reading to find out how!

In hard times, lots of us shy away from God, unsure of how to talk to Him about what we’re feeling. But today, author and podcaster Suzanne Eller explains why prayer is not about the number of words that come out of your mouth or how eloquent you sound. It’s about being in God’s presence. Simply showing up.

Suzanne will give you some practical prayer starters based on Scripture to unintimidate talking to God.

Spill the Beans LIVE with Margaret Feinberg and Kelly Minter at Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield, MO [Episode 245]

Spill Beans Springfield Missouri Margaret Feinberg Kelly Minter

How can I learn to pray? How can I grow in contentment when I’m single but would rather be married? How can I overcome the same old fears? How can I trust God with the people I love when they don’t believe in Him?

Whew! Good questions, right?

Well, today on the 4:13 Podcast, we are sitting around the bistro table at Fresh Grounded Faith answering those questions and many more.