FGF Highlights: Sermons Don’t Change Lives

“Sermons don’t change your life, sentences do.”  That’s what my pastor, John Marshall, says. Great thought, huh? He heard it from another pastor, shared it with us, and now I’m sharing it with you!

I also shared that phrase both Friday night and Saturday morning with the 1300 women gathered at Fresh Grounded Faith Lubbock last weekend.

I challenged them to listen for just one sentence in my messages and Lysa TerKeurst’s messages – just one sentence that God could use to change them.

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The result was so inspiring.  Women shared with me sentence after sentence God had written on their hearts and I was so, so grateful and inspired. Isn’t it neat how God speaks to each of us individually in different ways? And, our worship leader Michael O’Brien also offered up some great sentences too that really stuck with me.

So…wanna hear some of them?