Your Permission to Live a Messy Life

That woman? The one who looks so put together? You didn’t get to see her when she yelled at her kids or stared in her mirror wondering why she feels so discouraged. She has a messy life too.

That house? The one you visit and everything is in its place? That one? Well, have you ever pulled back a shower curtain, opened a closet or felt how lumpy the pillows are? Everybody has a messy life.

Some of us hide our messy lives well! And… sometimes we just need permission to be messy…to be real.

I lived for years trying to hide my messy life.

Why You Need to Periscope with Me

Did you know that even a blind woman can use Periscope?

What is Periscope?

It’s the easiest way to broadcast video — live, unedited video — from your phone.


It has all the potential for mistakes, regrets, and “oh my gosh, did I just say that!?” kind of snafus.