Can I Get Unstuck From Old Thinking Patterns? With Allison Fallon [Episode 144]

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What if you could practice a simple habit to help you curb anxiety and depression, get unstuck from patterns that hold you back, build contentment and clarity, expand your confidence, and let you experience a happier, healthier, and more balanced life?

Behind the Scenes: Jennifer Gets Weight Loss Help But Hasn’t Lost Any Weight Yet!

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since our first behind-the-scenes episode and I’m doing this thing! I’m getting healthy with lots of great coaching from NBA Life Optimization Coach and best-selling author, David Nurse—and even more grace and power from God!

Can I Find My Rhythm of Renewal? With Rebekah Lyons [Episode 99]

If you’ve been hanging out with me for long, you know I grew up in South Florida. What you might not know, sister, is that I don’t love the heat.

Can I Get My Life Back? With John Eldredge [Episode 93]

How many times a day do you check your phone? Oh, girl, I know I check mine far too many!

Can I Learn How to Say No? [Episode 90]

Several years ago, I had to say no to a woman who asked me to speak at an event at her church. Unfortunately, as gracious as my team and I tried to be with my no, she didn’t understand.

Can I Keep From Panicking When Life Goes Crazy? [Episode 88]

Free download alert! Get your Peace in the Storm: Three Truths to Preach to Your Soul So You Won’t Panic printable below.

When you face the storms of life, do you ever ask, “God, don’t you care?” If so, you’re not alone, sister. Jesus’ disciples asked Him the very same thing!