Two Divas, One Float, and Lazy Days on Table Rock Lake

Phil and I love to go over to Table Rock Lake. It’s only about 45 minutes from our home but it feels a million miles away. I love to just hang out on the water, float and do … absolutely nothing.


I’ve learned something really interesting while floating lazily on the lake. I thought all dogs knew how to swim. I really thought it was just genetically wired in them to automatically do the dog paddle.

Apparently not!

Or, at least not when it comes to our little Shih-tzu, Lucy. We put her in the water with Phil and she totally panicked! She flailed and whined and practically pawed Phil down into the inner depths of the lake. Let’s just say, she’s not wired for water. So, she stays on top of the water with me. The girl likes to float! She will sit in a float with me for hours, totally content. So, that is what we do while at the lake. We’re two peas in a pod, Luce and I.

And, may we never fall out because, obviously, neither of us divas can dog paddle!

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My Favorite Sound of Summer

I have waited all summer for the cicadas to start doing their thing! Well, they’re noisy little critters tonight. It is my favorite sound of summer in the Ozarks. I wish I could capture their songs and post it right here. But cicadas may annoy you.

Summer night

I mentioned something on Facebook about the start of cicada season, and folks from all around told me so much about them! I had no idea that mentioning the cicada would create such interest. I personally had insomnia because I stayed up that night learning all about them. For example, did you know that the cicada can live 17 years? Have you ever heard that once you hear the cicada, it will be 100 days until the first frost? Well, neither did I! Cicadas also live all over the world and are mentioned in the Bible. I have some very, very smart Facebook friends.

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