Can I Get Unstuck in My Prayer Life? With Kyle DiRoberts [Episode 198]

Unstuck Prayer Life Kyle DiRoberts

We all want to know how to talk to God and get answers to our prayers. Yet lots of us struggle to pray and are convinced we’re doing it wrong. So is there a secret to talking with God? Well, according to today’s podcast guest, there is.

Author and seminary professor, Dr. Kyle DiRoberts, shares the secret to prayer and reveals the impact of humility on your prayers. He’ll also give you practical ways to connect with God as the heroes of the faith did.

Is It Wrong to Worry About Everything?

Spill The Beans

Dear Jennifer,
I have a friend who calls me in the evenings and talks ’til about 11:30 PM each night.  She is a worrier and I keep telling her it is wrong to worry about everything.  When I have a problem, I just talk to God about it and then place it in His hands and let Him take care of it.  I tell her this but she cannot do this.  What can I do to help her understand?

Jennifer’s Answer