Women: Why What You Do Today Matters, Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

She greeted me when I walked into the cafeteria on Parents’ Day. Our oldest son was a freshman in college and this was the first time after dropping him off that we’d been back to visit. We’d met faculty, his resident director, and lots of his new friends. So when this woman greeted me, I asked, “Tell me who you are?”

She hesitated. I wondered if I should know her? I imagine she looked down and saw my white cane and realized I couldn’t see her, and that’s probably why she answered in a voice as warm and inviting as dark hot chocolate, “Oh, Ma’am. I’m nobody. I just clean tables.”

“You are not a nobody! You are not just a table cleaner!” I told her. “I’m Jennifer. What’s your name?” She laughed and told me. I thought to myself, “Nobody is a nobody!”

Nobody is just a table cleaner. Or just a mom. Or just a clerk or just a CPA or just a… anything!

How do You Prepare for First Time Teaching?

Spill The Beans
Dear Jennifer,

I wanted to ask for your input and guidance, if you don’t mind sharing.  I am speaking at a women’s event and am working on preparing for that. This is my first teaching opportunity, so it’s new territory for me.  When you are preparing a new talk, what are your practices?  I’m unsure where to start.
Sherry G., Tennessee

Jennifer’s Answer