Can I Know My Calling? [Episode 87 With Paula Faris]

GIVEAWAY ALERT: You can win the new book, Called Out: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling, by Paula Faris, this week’s podcast guest. Keep reading to find out how.

Shortly after the explosion of the Space Shuttle Colombia in 2003, I heard an interview on the evening news. The anchorman was talking with a former astronaut, and asking the man’s feelings on future space travel.

Can I Be an Overcomer? [Episode 51 With Stephen Kendrick]

One humid August day, my husband, Phil, and I flew down the highway in our “swagger wagon” (a.k.a. our ultra-cool white minivan). We were in a huge hurry because it was just the two of us on our way to a much-anticipated lakeside getaway.

To help pass the miles, Phil turned on satellite radio—you know, the one with about 3,000 channels. First, we tuned into ESPN sports. Next, it was an afternoon talk show. And, finally, we tried a live audio feed of one of the major news outlets.