Can I Move Forward Even When It’s Hard? With Valorie Burton [Episode 101]

Are you a list maker or more of a sticky note kind of girl? I love a good to-do list. They’re one of the things that help me succeed. I even have a “master” to-do list. It’s a document that I’ve had for years. I just keep adding to it and deleting from it.

Little Rock Rocked (Again!) – FGF Highlights, Little Rock, AR

We were so excited to be invited back to The Church at Rock Creek for another Fresh Grounded Faith last weekend! What a fun, kind, gracious group of ladies!

It was like seeing old friends again. Shannon Calhoun did another beautiful job this year as our Local Conference Coordinator, and the volunteers and eight co-host churches were such servants. Thank you all so very much.

And the friends who came with me! Such a fun group…