Vintage Frames & Sacred Pathways

I tried to keep our travel/ministry calendar as sparse as possible in April so we would have plenty of time to enjoy preparing for the wedding. Part of that planning is the rehearsal dinner. I could have just used flowers, but when I priced them, I thought I could go to Hobby Lobby and own some cool stuff for the same amount of money I would have spent on something that would have drooped and died within days!  Don’t you just love Hobby Lobby? They constantly discount their items, so the rehearsal dinner has been financed at 50% off!

So, here’s the plan…each table will have a centerpiece featuring an old small decorative trunk. The trunk is open with a tall glass candle holder in it that rises above the top of the open lid. The glass candle holder has a coffee scented candle in it. Surrounding the trunk are clear and