Let the Words Free Download or Audio CD Offer

I hope you are enjoying my Bible study, Me, Myself and Lies: A Thought-Closet Makeover. Below are some options for the song you’ve been watching on video, “Let the Words.” It’s based on Psalm 19:14.

As you wardrobe your life with Truth as taught in this study, may the words of your heart be acceptable to Him.

Watch the music video below, or click the following links to match your interest:

  1. Free MP3 download of “Let the Words”

  2. Free “Let the Words” audio CD single (pay only $3 shipping)

  3. Printable coupons for members of your Small Group Bible Study

  4. Click here to read all about Jennifer’s album, Remember (which includes “Let the Words”).


Music Video: “Let the Words” (from the Me, Myself and Lies Bible study video series) Performed by Jennifer Rothschild. Arranged by Travis Cottrell.