Download the Free Missing Pieces 15-Day Faith Builder

You might be here because you heard about about my Missing Pieces Bible study. Or, you may be starting or finishing Missing Pieces right now.

The 15-Day Faith Builder walks you through 15 practical action steps you can take to make your faith stronger.  I’m going to share with you the very things I have done to help me overcome depression, navigate blindness, and become a better mom and wife.

Either way, you are looking for something to help you build your faith.  Maybe, there are some missing pieces in your blanket of faith?

Here’s what I know.  To strengthen your faith, you must TRUST God and BELIEVE His truth.

Stronger faith comes from practicing and persevering. Like a muscle, it grows stronger as we use and stretch it!

We all want to trust God more and believe His truth.

Using the acronym TRUST AND BELIEVE, I will help you strengthen your faith and deepen your walk with God.

If you’re up for a little stretching and are ready to grow deeper, click on the link below the video to receive the FREE 15-Day Faith Builder printable download.

One practical action step each day.

Let’s do it.


Want to know more about the Missing Pieces Bible study?  Watch the video below

About Missing Pieces Bible Study: Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense