A Divine Intervention from Dr. Phil

January has already made quite an impression on my soul! I feel like I’ve done a years’ worth of living in just this one month. It began with a fierce battle between me and my washing machine. I don’t think I emerged victoriously! Then, I traveled to San Jose for a filming for CCN TV. We had a great time and then afterward, visited The Dr. Phil Show.

Jennifer, with both of the "Dr. Phil's" in her life.

Jennifer, with both of the “Dr. Phil’s” in her life.

I met Robin McGraw and her assistant, Jan, at the Women of Faith event in Anaheim, CA, last year. A few emails later, we are in the studio audience.

Of course, I brought my own “Dr. Phil” (the McGraws got a kick out of that). I must tell you, they were lovely and gracious, warm and genuine. Robin gave me an audio copy of her book “Inside My Heart” and I just began listening. Her bold statement of faith is awesome!

I listened to her book on my noise reduction headphones that Dr. Phil (the one I married) gave me for Christmas. I never thought good headphones were worth the money until now! If you travel a lot, these are a must have!


After arriving home, an ice storm hit. Springfield looked like we stepped out the back of the wardrobe! Every tree looked like Waterford crystal and bushes were reminiscent of chandeliers! When the ice got too heavy, the whole tree tumbled to the frozen ground and sounded like a cabinet of fine crystal plummeting onto a ceramic tile floor-amazing.

In the midst of this (which included our house serving as a homeless shelter for power-less friends), I got a call from the Dr. Phil show just five days after visiting them. To make this long story short, Phil and I threw clothes in a suitcase and left early Tuesday morning, so I could appear on the show Wednesday morning. I had no idea THAT was coming.

The show was about blind/deaf triplets. It was heart breaking and heart warming all at once. Dr. Phil (the one I didn’t marry) was gracious to give me about 8 minutes to encourage the family.

I’ve never been a part of something so huge and I’ve never felt so small, again, amazing.

The show is tentatively set to broadcast on Feb 27th.Drphilvisit17thumb_2

I got one keepsake from my Dr. Phil experience. It’s a memento inspired by my fabulous assistant, Kathryn. She and her husband buy a new fragrance every time they take a special trip so when they smell that fragrance, they will remember that special time. So, Phil patiently spent an hour with me in a perfume store in L.A. until I chose 212 by Carolina Herrera. Now, every time I wear it, I will remember how special the experience was and how kind God was to surprise me!

So, give these things a taste test:
1. Inside My Heart by Robin McGraw
2. Noise canceling headphones by iLuv
3. 212 by Carolina Herrera

When has God sent you on an unexpected trip? Leave a comment here.

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