Audio Christmas Card Featuring Music by Michael O’Brien [Episode 277]

Audio Christmas Card Michael O'Brien

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people I love!

Since you’re part of our 4:13 family, we’re sending you our annual Christmas card to make sure you know how much you mean to us.

This year, our families will give you their Christmas greetings in their own fun little way, KC will speak a blessing over you, and Michael O’Brien will make your heart rejoice as he sings some of his beautiful Christmas songs.

Audio Christmas Card Featuring Your Favorite 4:13ers [Episode 225]

Audio Christmas Card Kathie Lee Gifford Laura Story Kelly Minter Michael O’Brien Craig Aven

Merry Christmas, 4:13ers! This is an audio Christmas card to brighten your day and let you know how much we love you.

We’ve got a few of your favorite 4:13ers who want to give you their Christmas greetings, including Kathie Lee Gifford, Laura Story, and Kelly Minter. And then, Michael O’Brien will sing you his Christmas greeting.

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