4 Strategies to Control Your Emotions So They Don’t Control You

Have you ever had one of those highly unpleasant exchanges when someone you love asks, “Is it your time of the month?” Bad idea. Very bad idea.


Let me just say, that is never a good question to ask a woman because usually when that question is asked, it is because she just freaked out or melted down! Let’s be honest — emotions crest and feelings take a dive on any given day of the month! It isn’t always hormones that make our emotions get out of control!

Emotions are like the little employees in your brain! You employ them. They help you out a ton. But then, they get a little grumpy and all of the sudden, you think, “Wait! I thought I was the boss!

Emotions are like little employees in your brain. You are the boss of them! [Click to Tweet]
Well sister, you are. Let me share with you some strategies that have helped me — and they will help you — control your emotions. If we don’t learn to control our emotions, they will control us!

Strategy #1 — Avoid avoidable situations

If running late brings you stress and makes you angry, you can avoid running late (at least most of the time!). Plan ahead; wake up earlier to avoid the mad rush. If you can’t control your emotions, then control the situations that you can. If watching a sappy movie plummets you into a pit of sadness because you fight loneliness, then watch comedies instead.

If you can’t control your emotions well, then control the situations you can. [Click to Tweet]
You get the idea? You are the boss of your choices, so choose wisely! There are some things that are just plain unavoidable, and for those things, we lean hard on grace and apply other strategies. But, what is healthy to avoid, avoid!
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Strategy #2 — Modify your expectations

If you expect your house to be perfectly clean, you will be frustrated when a human being enters your front door. If you expect that you should perform perfectly all the time, you will fight deep disappointment every minute of every imperfect day.

If your expectations aren’t rooted in grace and reality, modify them. [Click to Tweet]
Consider your expectations. If they aren’t rooted in grace and reality, modify them and healthier feelings will follow.

Strategy #3 — Shift your attention

What we focus on is all we see. If you struggle with feeling inferior, stop focusing on the people who you think are superior to you. If you have feelings of low self-esteem because you can’t keep the weight off, stop staring at all the skinnys at the gym.

When we are center stage in our lives, we are the least happy. [Click to Tweet]
Shift your attention from objects or people that push all your worst buttons and start focusing on truths that bring out your best self. Besides, when you are paying way too much attention to somebody else, what you are really doing is shining the spotlight on yourself! And, when we are center stage in our lives – comparing and complaining — we will be the most unhappy.

Strategy #4 — Monitor your thinking

What you feel is often a result of what you think and believe, so do an inventory of your beliefs. Open wide the door of your Thought Closet and be honest about what is in there. Is what you believe true? Are your thoughts based on truth? Are your feelings in response to stinking thinking or are they a result of sound beliefs and wisdom?

We all need to think about what we think about. [Click to Tweet]
Girl, all of us need to think about what we think about. It’s easy for a lie to slip into our belief system and then it feels so familiar that we don’t even notice how we have treated it as truth.

Sister, you really are the boss of your emotions! They exist to serve you, not the other way around, so ask God to give you wisdom. He will. Fertilize the seeds of truth in your life with prayer, grace and His Word and the beautiful fruit of self-control will blossom in your life.

Do you have any other strategies that help you control your emotions? If so, please share in the comments below.

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