Creating a Coffee Shop Work Environment

This is a Taste This guest post by Caroline Rothschild, my DIL, or daughter-in-law. She and my son, Clayton, live in Texas. I think you should give this resource a “taste test.” Also find Caroline @jcarorothschild. This post was originally published at


We’ve all been there. We need peace and quiet in order to zero-in and get work done, but it seems such environment is no where to be found. In a world of distractions, our focus is always being interrupted.

It’s challenging to find the perfect work environment. My favorite place to work and write is at a coffee shop near my home; the activity of the coffee shop keeps me energized and on a perfect day, the nearby conversations are just out of earshot and a mere hum.

But, sometimes I will load up my bags and set up at the coffee shop just to find it’s too noisy. Or, I’ll be in my office and find it’s impossible not to listen to the boisterous coworker down the hall. And as if finding the perfect work environment isn’t challenging enough, sometimes it’s too quiet. Have you been there?

Let me introduce you to – the vibe of a coffee shop delivered right to your desktop. This website streams ambient noise that is steady so it’s not distracting, and it is lively enough to help you stay motivated. is geared to help you to focus on what you’re working on while still maintaining creativity. The mission of the site is to create an environment that is a calm commotion, which is “proven to be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing.”

Whether you’re in an office too quiet, on an airplane too chatty, or a coffee shop too loud, create the perfect setting to focus and get things done. The perfect coffee shop work environment is a click away.

Question: How do you combat distractions you cannot control? Leave a comment here.

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