Enterprise Rolls Out Southern Hospitality for FGF


Our Spring Fresh Grounded Faith events have been amazing. Not only did we see God work incredibly in Waxahachie (if you have no idea what I’m talking about click here), but we decided to hang around a bit down south in Enterprise, Alabama.

For a city that has been through so much, it was such a blessing to see all God’s people serving together to bring Fresh Grounded Faith to a place where they worship a bug! That’s right, I’m not sure that a women’s conference and bug should be in the same sentence (because most women hate bugs), but in Enterprise they have a monument for one. It is called a Boll Weevil. What is a Boll Weevil you ask? It is a beetle measuring an average length of six millimeters, which feeds on cotton buds and flowers. It’s true, they have erected a monument to it in, of all places, Coffee County! I knew I would be right at home here.

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As we arrived I was blown away by the southern hospitality and their excitement that Fresh Grounded Faith came to Enterprise. Every person we encountered was genuine, and their love for Jesus ran deep in their souls.

They hosted the conference at Enterprise High School Performing Arts Center. This is significant because in March 2007, a tornado came through Enterprise and destroyed the high school. Eight children lost their lives in this tragic event, so it is a beauty-from-ashes story.

Compared to the holiness and purity of God, we are sinners who really need Jesus. Candace Cameron Bure

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I was joined by D.J. Tanner (for all of you growing up in the ’90’s) from Full House, but her real name is Candace Cameron Bure. She is one incredible young women. Her passion and love for Jesus was so real. God gave her a contagious message about how compared to the holiness and the purity of God, we are sinners who really need Jesus. I know many women were moved by her message.  Dara Maclean joined us for worship and got everyone snapping and singing along with “I got all my sisters with me.” It was a hootin’ good time.

The goodbyes were hard to say to the people of Enterprise knowing that they had worked so hard to bring women from even Florida and Georgia. Their love and commitment to seeing an opportunity to build community for Christ was remarkable. What a blessing it was to be be showered in prayer by being prayed for before we got there and while we were there.

I hope we were a blessing to them because they sure were to us.

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