How to Escape a Boring Life and Live a Better Story

In case you missed it, I’m officially a GiGi! I am just beside myself with joy, and I have no time to write because I am holding a sweet baby boy. So I asked my smart, fun, lovely friend Margaret Feinberg to help me out — she’s going to share with you on the blog today. She’s hung out with us before, and I know you love her as much as I do. 

But, girl, today, she is going to share with you how to not only live the life you long for, but write about it, too. I have met so many of you who say you want to write a book or a blog and my girl, Margaret, can help you do just that — in the most brilliant way. So, enjoy what she has to say and let me know what you think! 


My husband, Leif, is from Alaska. We spent the first five years of marriage living in his hometown of Sitka as well as the capital, Juneau. In each of these towns, cruise ships arrived throughout the summer.

On the busiest days, more than 20,000 people would disembark those ships and fill the tiny towns. The majority of visitors were in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. Many were barely able to walk. Some dragged an oxygen tank behind them.

I found myself welling with admiration for these feisty travelers. They fought hard to realize their lifelong dream of visiting Alaska. Way to be courageous. Way to overcome obstacles.

But the longer we stayed in Alaska, the more I heard these amazing visitors repeat the same story: They had lived their whole lives with a bucket list. Alaska was always in the top five things they wanted to do, but it never reached number one.

By the time they arrived, they physically couldn’t participate in the activities, tours, and hikes that reveal Alaska’s most splendid beauty. They couldn’t hike into the ice caves of Mendenhall glacier to see the mesmerizing sapphires of ancient winters’ beauty. They were unable to kayak along the shore with seals splashing alongside. They couldn’t hike the mountains’ crest to behold Alaska’s rugged coastline while munching on sweet wild salmonberries.

Why do I share that?

Whenever you say “yes” to adventure, you say “yes” to a better life.

Because I bet right now you have destinations that you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

What if these desires are gifts from God?

You have a million reasons not to go on that big trip. Maybe you’ve got small children. Or a high schooler about to graduate.

When you say yes to adventure, you say yes to a better life. [Click to Tweet]
Even if the trip is a few years off, it’s time to scrape together frequent flier miles, research the details, and set a goal of making your trip dreams come true.

Set humongous goals. Take wild, wily risks.

Go. See. Visit. Do.

Keep your eyes peeled for the wonders and works of God along the way.

Remember, your writing will never be more beautiful than the life you lead.

Speaking of writing your story, if you’ve never read my story before, I share it in my book, Lessons I Learned in the Dark, available here.

Many writers don’t have compelling content because they don’t live compelling lives.

Your writing will never be more interesting than you.

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Your writing will never be deeper than you.

Your writing will never be more informed than you.

Your writing will never be more inspiring than you.

This is critical if you want to be a brilliant writer:

If you want to write a better story, you must live a better story.

How do you live a better story? How do you live a story worth writing about?

You must be willing to take wild, wily risks.

A few years ago, I decided to stop griping about the missed opportunities we were witnessing and start doing something about it. I co-founded the Write Brilliant Academy where we coach big dreamers on how to get from their big idea to a breathtaking book in 16 revolutionary videos. We’re committed to helping people live a life worth writing about.

Your stories and your ideas and your discoveries are too good to keep to yourself. People need to encounter your views on life and God and faith and family and work.

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That’s why we want to give you a FREE mini-course to Jumpstart Your Writing.  

To help you learn how to start writing, sustain your writing, and share your writing today,  grab this free training while it’s still available.

In the last few years, I’ve attained my dream of journeying to special destinations — from the Blue Lagoon of Iceland to the olive fields of Croatia. These days I dream less about places and more about people — that is, people just like you.

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God wants you to dream brilliant dreams and unleash brilliant prose into the world. All you have to do is find the courage to turn your yawn into a “yes.”



Margaret Feinberg is the author of dozens of books that have sold more than 1,000,000 copies, including Fight Back With Joy. She’s co-founder of Write Brilliant Academy, an online course designed to walk you through, step-by-step, the process of writing, getting published, and building your platform so you can move from big idea to book in 16 revolutionary videos.


Hey, it’s Jennifer again. What did you think? Isn’t she amazing? So thankful she joined us for Java this week. How are you going to live a better story? Share with us in the comments below.

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