3 Ways God Responds to Your Tears

Research shows that women cry anywhere between 30 and 64 times a year. That means most of us girls shed tears at least twice a month and some of us cry about every five days!

Happy tears. Sad tears. Angry tears. We cry for all sorts of reasons.

Some of us are “Tricklers.” You know, we have an occasional tear drip from the eye, but it’s usually quick, controlled, and rare.

And, then there are the “Niagaras” among us! Do I even need to explain? A gushing flood of liquid emotion pours from both eyes at a moment’s notice! Then the waterfall lasts much longer than that one moment!

What about you? Are you a Trickler or a Niagara?

I’m both a Trickler and a Niagara! The older I get, the more tender I become. Sister, I have no idea what will trigger tears.

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But, I do know one thing for certain … I know God will respond to my tears.

He doesn’t just respond to mine, though. He responds to yours, too.

In fact, if you read Scripture, you find He notices and cares about your tears. Here are three ways I have found God responds when we cry.

1. He Sees Your Tears

Often the tears fall because our hope has. When we feel fear, sadness, or despair, our vocabulary of words just can’t seem to communicate as well as weeping does.

But, God sees your tears. He hears your cry. He is mindful of what scares you and stresses you and saddens you. He not only notices your tears, He knows why they’re falling.

When King Hezekiah was sick and scared, he prayed and cried out to God. He “wept bitterly,” Scripture says. God heard Hezekiah’s cry and saw his tears. He noticed. He cared. And, in King Hezekiah’s case, God healed him (2 Kings 20:1-5).

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In our situations, God may not always respond with healing, but He always responds with concern and care. Whatever makes you weep, makes God take notice. He will never ignore your hardship or concern.

So, if you find yourself wiping away tears, be comforted to know that before even one tear escaped, God knew what was in your heart and on your mind. He cares about what you care about because He cares about you.

2. He Stores Your Tears

David wrote to the Lord, “You have taken account of my wanderings, put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?” (Psalm 56:8).

Does that mean God has a shelf the size of infinity with tear-filled bottles lined up like jars of jelly? If that is really the case, then God must have some giant holding tanks that are overflowing—and that’s just from me and my girlfriends during our last sappy chick-flick!

No, what David is really talking about is God remembering us, knowing what hurts us, and being totally aware of the suffering we are going through.

Have you ever felt like God is just not fair? I sure have. If you are stuck in questions of faith like why God allows pain, doesn’t heal, or seemingly ignores your prayer, I’ve been there too. My book God Is Just Not Fair shares my raw, honest heart. Learn more about it here.

When it came to His people enslaved by Egypt, God said, “I have seen the affliction of my people … given heed to their cry … I am aware of their sufferings” (Exodus 3:7).

Just as God saw and heard the Hebrew’s cry, He hears yours, too. He is aware of your affliction and suffering.

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Each tear we cry has meaning to our Father God. He keeps track of all our sorrows just as carefully as if He were gathering each tear and placing it in a bottle for His remembrance.

Not one tear you cry is unnoticed by God. He values your tears because He values you.

3. He Wipes Your Tears Away

Sometimes we cry, like Hezekiah, because we’re sick or afraid or stressed or just plain sad. Sometimes our tears are like those of the enslaved Hebrews—we cry because we’re hurting or feel stuck. Sometimes we weep because of grief and loss. We cry for our own pain and regret. Sometimes we cry because we love somebody so much and we feel pain for their suffering.

But, sister, a day is coming … when tears will be no more.

“And He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain….” (Revelation 21:4).

Ultimately, there will be a glorious day when you will feel the Hand of God gently caress your cheek, wiping away the tears you once cried. And there will be no more.

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Your tear ducts will be sealed permanently and eternally, the former things will be no more.

The joy we experience there someday will not even be worthy to be compared to the sorrow we feel here today.

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory that is to be revealed to us” (Romans 8:18).

So, if you weep, be comforted to know that God sees your tears, He values your sorrow, and He will one day remove every tear from your life.

And, in the meantime, as Rich Mullins—in his song, “If I Stand”— wrote, “If I weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his home.”

Oh my friend, don’t resist or resent your tears. God doesn’t. Lift your face to Him because He cares and He will wipe away each one.

I hope these truths and Scriptures comfort you if you’re hurting. And, if you know someone who is hurting right now, share this with her—she may need to know that God cares and sees her tears.

Which one of these truths or Scriptures mean the most to you and why?

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