The Good Life: My Happy Place, Oxford, England

Amos Good Life Episode Happy Place Oxford England

This is another Good Life episode where I share with you moments in time that make me smile—moments from my good life!

That’s because I’m celebrating the release of my new Bible study, Amos: An Invitation to the Good Life (Lifeway, August 15, 2022), and I wanted you to see that life is … good!

So today, I’m taking you with me to my happy place, Oxford, England!

Since I’m blind and can’t enjoy visual pictures of my trips, I take “audio pictures,” which are simply audio recordings of a special place, moment, or memory that I want to capture. Then I’m able to take that voice memo with me, listen to it over and over, and picture it in my mind’s eye. As I listen to these recordings and recall the moments I want to cherish, I’m also reminded of the goodness of God and His presence in my life.

You’ll get a glimpse of God’s goodness too as you listen in.

So, no need to pack your bags. Just join me on the podcast, and I’ll take you to some of my favorite places in Oxford.

And as you listen to these good life moments, I hope you see that YOU can live the good life too! No matter where you are in the world or what circumstances you’re facing, you’re invited to live the God life, and the God life is the good life.

You can learn all about the God life—and the good life—in my Bible study, Amos: An Invitation to the Good Life. Check out the links below, including a link to watch the session one video for FREE, as well download the entire first week of study!

Plus, you’ll want to check out all of the other fun FREEBIES, including printables, screen backgrounds, a beautiful art print, encouraging prayer texts, and my Good Life Playlist—all at

[Listen to the podcast using the player above, then check out the links below to learn more about the study.]

Learn More About My Amos Bible Study

Discover more about how you can live the good life through my newest Bible study, Amos: An Invitation to the Good Life (Lifeway, August 15, 2022).

Amos: An Invitation to the Good Life Bible Study


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