What You Need to Hear from God Today

As we wrapped up filming my Psalm 23 video project, my friend, Steve, and I were talking through all the triumphs and bloopers of the shoot. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “You’re a mess…”

I interrupted and said, “That’s for sure!”

“I didn’t finish,” he continued. “I was saying you’re a messenger.”

Oh, friend, I had heard “mess” when the truth is I am a messenger.

Has that ever happened to you too?

Sometimes we don’t hear the truth because a louder voice is shouting at us and we’re listening. And, maybe we’ve listened for so long, that even when a truthful encouragement begins, we interrupt it and finish it with the lie we’ve believed.

Why do we do that?

It’s because we have given the enemy a seat at our table. That’s how Louie Giglio describes it.

Psalm 23 tells us God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies, and that table has only two seats—one for you and one for God.

God readies this table before you and it is in front of your enemy, not with your enemy! He doesn’t give your enemy a seat there. The enemy is banished.

So, your enemy has to stand back and watch with his mouth watering. He can glare at you, jeer and point fingers, but his taunts and comments should be powerless because they should be drowned out by the One Who sits with you and speaks truth and love to you.

The table the Lord prepares for you is one of honor and blessing.

It comes in the form of your life—your ordinary, daily life—with Him. He sets before you all you need to be nourished and blessed. He gives the perfect portion of His grace and truth each day to sustain you. And, He not only prepares it, but He invites you to come and be blessed there.

God sustains us each day with the perfect portion of His grace and truth. [Click to Tweet]

But your enemy is a crafty accuser. He’s a scheming stumbling block who seeks to devour your joy, kill your confidence, steal your hope, and tempt you to believe that his way of living and thinking are better than the Lord’s.

So, if you hear ugly lies and disparaging words, no matter what is being said, maybe it’s time to check out your table? It could be you have dragged an extra chair along with you. (I sure had!)

In other words, maybe you’re letting the enemy mess with the blessing, favor, and communion you have with and from the Lord. You’re letting Satan replace God’s Truths with his slimy lies. You’re receiving his condemnation more than God’s care.

So, look at your life, and consider if you’ve given your enemy a seat at the table.

Pause here and really think and pray about this—just you and your Shepherd. Because, sometimes, we don’t even realize that Satan has pulled up a chair.

Are you experiencing the favor, blessing, and companionship God has prepared just for you? Or, is the enemy spoiling the banquet?

If you determine Satan is trying to sneak a seat at your table and steal all the blessings, send him an uninvite. [Click to Tweet]

Ask the Lord to make you aware of your real enemy. Ask Him to turn up the volume so you can hear what the chatter you listen to really is.

If your thoughts are condemning, accusatory, bitter, hopeless, dark, or ugly, girl, it’s time to send an uninvite! That is the voice of your enemy and he is not allowed to sit at the table. If he stays, he will steal all the blessing and delight and joy your Shepherd is serving you.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this the voice of my Heavenly Father or my enemy?
  • Can what I am saying to myself or hearing in my head pass through the Philippians 4:8 filter?
  • Is it true?
  • Is it pure?
  • Is it right?
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If it isn’t God’s voice speaking, uninvite it.

God’s words to you will line up with Galatians 5:22—words of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Anything that disagrees with that sweet Holy Spirit fruit doesn’t come from your Shepherd! Think of it this way, the fruit of the Spirit is always on the menu!

The fruit of the Spirit is always on the menu at God’s table. [Click to Tweet]

God prepares a table for you because He loves you and He wants to bless and celebrate you. Don’t let the enemy steal the abundance.

Listen for the One voice sitting at your table with you—the voice of the God Who loves you. His voice will always celebrate you, comfort you, and bring you confidence.

How are you hearing the voice of the Lord celebrate, comfort, or bring you confidence today?

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