How Do You Become a Great Leader?

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I feel like I am on a spiritual high.  That’s another way of saying I feel like I am growing closer to God, learning so much and just getting to the point where I am doing things I never had a chance to do, including women’s Bible study, being in the leadership position, and taking care of an annual women’s event.

My problem is relationships.  While I am happy and willing, so many of the ladies seem discouraging, too busy or just uninterested.  I know God is leading me, yet I cannot change other people, and I am wondering if God may want to use me somewhere outside of my present church.  I keep praying about this situation.

Please give me some help.  How do I get to the place where I am not just a “good leader” but a “great leader?”

Also, I would like to know how to get the training to become a writer or a speaker.

Desperate!!!  Joy

Jennifer’s Answer

Dear Joy,

Wow–good questions!

First, leadership can be very lonely.  A leader will develop followers, but that’s not the same as friends.  Just don’t get the two mixed up.  Women are busy, and until they observe your passion, consistency and unconditional love for them, they may not follow you.

Leaders really don’t “change” anyone.  They simply influence and empower their followers to change.  This happens through consistent and visionary servanthood.  Jesus modeled ultimate leadership by His servanthood, and genuine leaders love like Him, serve like Him and can often be misunderstood like He was.

So, be willing to be consistent and loving, patient and passionate.  As you do, followers will emerge.  If they don’t, that’s when you have to really ask, “Am I called to leadership?” and “Am I called to lead right here, right now?”  God will reveal His plan for you and where He wants it to unfold.

Be patient with yourself, with others and with God as you develop your leadership.

You asked about speaker training.  I heartily recommend She Speaks, hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries.  They do a fabulous job in training women to lead out in ministry.

Bless you sister as you follow God and serve others, Jennifer

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