How Do You Find God Within Your Sadness?

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I had the privilege of seeing you in Springfield last November and have started receiving your monthly e-mails.  My son was diagnosed in 2007 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.   The Lord has most certainly used this circumstance to draw me much closer to Him.  However, I continue to struggle with how to adequately cope with the sadness that overcomes me at times.  What advice can you offer for getting past the sadness and moving more to a place of hope and rest?

Respectfully, Debra

Jennifer’s Answer:

Dear Debra,

I don’t know if you ever completely get past the sadness.  You are carrying a daily loss, a future loss and the loss of the dream that his condition will improve.   It’s quite understandable that you would experience waves of sadness that come from grieving loss.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t still rest and hope, even within sadness.

Sadness is an emotional condition.  Rest and hope are spiritual positions.  I guess I would not attempt to get past sadness as much as I would attempt to find God within my sadness.  We have a High Priest who is well acquainted with our sorrows (Isaiah 53:3) (Hebrews 4:15).  We lean on a Savior who cried at the grave of His friend Lazarus (John 11:35).  He knows what it is to feel sadness.  Because He knows, He can bring you rest and hope within the sadness when you seek Him within it, rather than focusing on seeking to get past it. 

I don’t really understand it, but I know true hope and rest exists within and in spite of sadness, and only God can do that in you.  I pray He will.  And I admire your spirit. May His grace be sufficient for you all your days.

With love, Jennifer

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