How Do You Measure Up?

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I think women struggle with perfectionism and feelings of never measuring up.  What do our attempts to achieve perfection say about ourselves and our relationship with God?  What do our attempts say about who we believe God to be?
Dori, TN

Jennifer’s Answer

Great question for me because I am a recovering perfectionist!  Here’s what I’ve learned: When we focus on achieving a perfect image, we don’t receive our identity from God.  It’s a tiring, dissatisfying way to live.

Perfectionism is our belief that our acceptance is based on our abilities or performance.  It shows a misunderstanding of God’s grace.  We simply receive who we are “from” God, not achieve a status “for” God.  Ultimately, believing we need to be “more” shows we believe God is not enough.

We trust ourselves and our opinion of ourselves more than we trust God and His opinion of us.  To live with the very human, unconditionally accepted and graciously redeemed identity Christ gives us is the only “perfection” we need!  Thank You Lord!

Your friend, Jennifer

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