How Not to Pronounce Hosea

Do you ever feel insecure if you are asked to read the Bible out loud?

You know, some of those Bible words can trip you up!

Well, if you think you have issues with pronouncing Biblical words, you should hear my computer try to do it! In fact, I want you to hear my computer read from the book of Hosea!


Do you ever have trouble pronouncing names from the Bible?
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There are between 5,000-6,000 words in the book of Hosea. The exact number of words depends on the version of Scripture you read.

But, no matter how many words are in Hosea, I have listened to each one of them over 50 times as I’ve been writing the Hosea: Unfailing Love Changes Everything Bible study!

I’ve studied this book for a year and love it so much.

But, because I am blind, I can’t study it by reading it. I study it by listening to it over and over. And, I can do this because of JAWS.

I have studied the book of Hosea for over a year. Ever wondered how I can do that since I am blind?
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Now, I’m not referring to Jaws — the shark of the 1970’s that devoured everything in its sight — this JAWS is computer software that reads everything in its sight! It’s installed on my laptop and it is incredible… it can read me anything on my screen!

But, just because JAWS can read everything, doesn’t mean it can always pronounce everything well! And, pronouncing – or shall I say, mispronouncing — the name of my favorite eighth century prophet is a fine example. But, JAWS does not reserve its mispronunciation for names of people, nope… you should hear how it pronounces the names of ancient cities!

So, just for fun, I thought I would invite you into my office and let you hear JAWS reading part of Hosea!

You’ll get to hear what I have heard over and over and over and… well, you know!

Learn how NOT to pronounce Hosea.
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As you take a peak, please ignore the dust on my desk and the clutter on my shelves… unfortunately, there isn’t software on my laptop that cleans my office for me!

Hosea really is a beautiful book of the Bible and it has been my honor to study it and teach it.

I want you to experience the beauty and healing tucked in its pages too. So, check out Hosea: Unfailing Love Changes Everything here.

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