How to Not Eat Your Feelings

Do you eat your feelings?


I eat my feelings.

When I am happy, I grab dark chocolate.

When I feel stress, I drink coffee.

If I have a great success or feel relief, I reward myself with frozen custard that I will eventually regret swallowing!

When I am mad, I want to eat something really, really bad for me — like French fries with tons of salt and that sweet ketchup from McDonalds.

It’s my way of saying, “I’ll show you!” And, it does “show you” that I eat my feelings because my hips and belly advertise it! Every emotion I feel seems to gravitate toward a calorie to find its resolution.

I don’t like to eat my feelings, but I do.

So, what can a sister do? I am no expert. Believe me. I am just a woman who is trying to do this thing called life in a way that brings me and the people around me joy. And, trying to button my jeans over my latest mound of emotions just doesn’t bring me joy. Can I get a witness in the blogosphere?!

I read about this kind of stuff all the time.

And as soon as I finish reading a blog about how to control my eating, I feel confident and equipped for about five minutes. And, then, I swallow my hopelessness with a gulp of hot chocolate.

I even bought the “21 Day Fix” to try to get a handle on this. I lasted 7 days with the exercise and eating program. So, I am only one third fixed!

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Now, you usually read a blog like this which sets up the problem and, then, about now, I reveal the solution, right? At this point, I should give you “Three Things to Do When You Want to Emotionally Eat.”

Well, I got nothin’ for you!!!

I am writing this blog not to “tell” you what to do, but instead, to keep my fingers typing on this keyboard so they won’t be groping through my pantry! Actually, I want to ask you what you do in this situation.

I want to hear from some real women who have real struggles with this. I want to know what you have found helps you. And, I don’t mean just the big success stories like, “I lost 30 pounds by wrapping cellophane around my lips and eating my meals with a teaspoon in the dark.” I want to know what you will do five minutes from now when you feel a surge of stress and you are tempted by the candy bar hidden in your desk drawer.

So, let’s help each other out… Give me, and the rest of us, your best ideas!

My best idea at the moment is just to be honest and type out my struggle right here, right now. A little accountability never hurt anyone! Right?

So, give me your ideas…

If I receive some great ideas, I will follow-up in a later blog post and reveal those secrets to you!

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