I Want To Eat My Face [Video]

After 3 weeks abroad in all sorts of climates, my face felt like a dry, saggy piece of leather!  Okay, okay, maybe not that bad, but trust me … gravity and sun did a number on my face. So, I decided to make my own facial mask and see if I could lift, tone and moisturize it back into shape!

This was one of the easiest and tastiest beauty remedies I’ve ever used. The caffeine from the coffee and cocoa in this facial mask woke up my face, toned my skin and tasted really good when it slipped (wink wink) into my mouth!

I found it on About.com titled, “Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask for All Skin Types.”

This facial mask woke up my face, toned my skin and tasted really good when it slipped (wink wink) into my mouth!
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Here’s the recipe:

4 Tbsp. finely ground espresso or coffee beans. (I use my own grinder, but ready ground coffee or even instant coffee works, too).

.4 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder (your basic Hershey’s is perfect here).

.8 Tbsp. dairy product. Choose whole milk, heavy cream, yogurt (must be unflavored!), almond milk or coconut milk. Use less dairy if you like a thicker paste. Substitutions are allowed: try an egg instead of dairy if you’re an egg mask lover, or substitute oils, such as olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil or almond oil if you have dehydrated skin. If you’re using oils, half the amount or it will be too runny.

.2 Tbsp. honey (if you have dry skin) or lemon juice (if you have oily skin).


If you have whole beans, grind beans in a grinder. Remember, beans should be finely ground so they don’t scratch your face. If you just made coffee, you can use the freshly brewed coffee grounds, although they won’t contain as much caffeine.

1. Mix coffee and cocoa powder in a bowl.

2. Add the dairy product and stir until a smooth paste forms. You can use less of the dairy product if you like a thicker paste.

3. Stir in the honey. (I like to warm up the honey in a warm water bath or in the microwave so it mixes better). I kept it on for about 20 minutes until I felt like a piece of cappuccino pie!

Question: What are some beauty remedies you like to do when your body is worn out? Let me know here.

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