I’ve Got Georgia on My Mind

It seemed like a typical February day as I prepared to leave for Fresh Grounded Faith in Marietta, Georgia. However, I soon discovered my hometown, Springfield, Missouri, was about to be hit by an ice storm, and I needed to leave immediately on the next flight down south. And boy, I am so glad that I did because 1) what girl wants to stuck in an ice storm, and 2) I would have missed a great big blessing that God had in store for all of us that attended.

As I made my way to the church on Friday night there was a crowd of men and women dressed in red and black to support my dear friends, Mark and Katharyn Richt. Mark is known in Georgia as Coach Richt, head of the University of Georgia football team. The evening was great and, of course, Kathy Troccoli provided us with a wonderful concert, while Mark and Katharyn shared in a chit-chat time about life, football, and marriage.

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While it was cold in Springfield on Saturday morning and my Dr. Phil and son Connor could not get to Atlanta, it was a blessed morning in Marietta. Mark talked about what it feels like to be in the “hot seat” as a football coach. He shared from Jeremiah 17:7-8 (But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him), and even though he was facing a losing season at that point he kept saying, “I trust you, God, even if it means the season isn’t going to turn around.”

I loved that, and I think many were moved when he prayed and asked people to trust God.

I trust you, God, even if it means the season isn’t going to turn around. Mark Richt referencing Jeremiah 17:7
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The weekend was such a joy with Coach Mark Richt teaching and Kathy Troccoli learning the Bulldog cheer (by the way, she has been marked an official Bulldog fan)! It was fun and delightful to be with so many men and women who served and we were able to minister together. One of my favorite highlights was getting to hear from Coach’s son, David, who led us during the prayer time in worship. I remember holding David in my arms as a baby and praying for him, and I am so grateful to see him become such an awesome young godly man.

All I can say is it was a “venti” weekend, and as I left Marietta and headed back to Springfield, my cup overflowed.

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