Jennifer and KC Speak a Blessing Over You [Episode 221]

Jennifer KC Speak Blessings Thanksgiving

I hope your heart is full this Thanksgiving weekend—even fuller than your tummy! Today, KC and I just want to speak blessings over you and lift you up in prayer to our Heavenly Father.

So pause, quiet your thoughts, take a deep breath, and receive these blessings…

May the peace of God settle your thoughts.
May the love of God comfort your heart.
May the wisdom of God enlighten your mind.
May the Word of God illuminate your path.
May the grace of God carry your load.
May the kindness of God brighten your eyes.
And may the presence of God transform your every fear into courage.

May God’s presence be your comfort.
May His plan be your counsel and guide.
May His peace be your safe place to rest.
May His provision be the source and supply of your every need.
And may His power be perfected in your weakness as you draw from His sufficient grace.

May you feel the strength of God when you need it most.
May you hear the voice of Truth when unkind voices get too loud.
May you see God’s gifts around you when you think you’re missing out.
May you “taste and see that the Lord is good!”
And may you always find hope from the God who gives you new mercies every morning.

May you feel the blessing and power of God in your heart and mind.
May His strength be your portion.
May His truth shape your thoughts and shield you from lies.
May His grace be the source of the words you say to your own soul and the souls of those you encounter.
May His love be your shelter and His forgiveness be a cleansing rain that washes away shame.
And may you overflow with grace to others as God’s grace flows over your every moment.

May the work of God be powerful in your life.
May His strength be your source of courage.
May His living and active Word give you life and bring your hope back to life.
May you know the truth of God.
May you live the love of God.
And may you always rest near the heart of God.


We hope you receive this blessing and use it to bless others too!

KC and I are so thankful for you, my friend! Thank you for being part of our 4:13 family, and thank you for making our lives so fun and full.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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