TikTok Sensation Katy Nichole on “God of Possible” [BONUS]

TikTok Sensation Katy Nichole In Jesus Name God of Possible

You may have heard Katy Nichole’s song, “In Jesus Name (God of Possible),” but what you may not realize is the painful story behind this beautiful song.

Katy found herself in a season of suffering as she battled chronic pain, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, depression, and even contemplation of suicide. In her struggle, she became angry with God, but that’s when He reminded her that He is faithful.

God renewed her hope as she cried out to Him, and He gave her the words of this song as an encouragement to her own spirit. But now she shares these words as an encouragement to you too!

I just love this song, and I loved talking to Katy!

She has a beautiful heart and such depth of maturity! If I could adopt her into my own family, I would, and I know you’ll want to do the same after listening to this conversation.

Meet Katy

Long before over 150 million people around the world heard her “In Jesus Name (God of Possible)”, Katy Nichole was singing in her church choir. By age 14, she was writing songs and leading worship. Katy has served as an ambassador for the Shriners Hospitals for Children and as a volunteer for Musicians on Call. She won the K-LOVE Fan Award and was named a YouTube Trending Artist on the Rise for the “In Jesus Name” video that has been streamed nearly ten million times. Katy’s hit single continues at No. 1 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel Songs chart, holding that top spot virtually every week since it was released.

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Episode Transcript

4:13 Podcast: TikTok Sensation Katy Nichole on "God of Possible" [BONUS]

Katy Nichole: Even through my anger, God was still listening. And there was one point where I reached a place where I said, "God, I don't want to do this anymore. I want to be pain free." And I had picked up a bottle of pills I had on my dresser and I took that bottle of pills. I was ready. I was like, "I don't want to do this." And I was ready to give up.

KC Wright: Welcome to a bonus episode of the 4:13 podcast where practical encouragement and biblical wisdom set you and I up to live the "I can" life because you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Now here's your host and my buddy, Jennifer Rothschild.

Jennifer Rothschild: Hello, our friends. We're glad you're here. And, boy, you are going to be glad you're here because this bonus episode is going to be so great. I am Jennifer, if we're new friends, and I'm just here to help you be and do more than you feel capable of as you live this "I can" life. And, of course, that was my friend KC Wright. I call him my seeing eye guy and he is my buddy. And our lives get better when we show up in the podcast closet and know that you are on the other end and we are having the privilege of being in your ears right now. So thanks for hanging out with us.

KC Wright: Thank you.

Jennifer Rothschild: And listen, this song by Katy Nichole is just like all the rage, "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)". And I love this song. I first heard it from KC. He sent it to me. And it is it's huge. It's beautiful. I got to tell you, though, KC already knows this. I am so glad that I got to have this conversation with her that you are about to hear. I was just so impressed. And I asked her all sorts of interesting questions about her life. She's a young woman and what depth of maturity she has, okay? But I called KC when I was done. I was like, "Dude, I forgot to ask her two very important questions." Okay? Because after this conversation ended, I was like, dang, I should have asked her two more questions. And here's the two questions I should have asked... One would be, "Will you be my daughter-in-law?" The second question, "Will you marry my son?" Okay. But that would have probably been inappropriate for everyone, so I didn't ask. But I'm just saying that tells you how much I loved this young woman. And you are going to feel the same way if you have a single son in your life. No, seriously, you're going to feel this way. You're going to love her. She's like family. So, KC, let's introduce Katy Nichole.

KC Wright: Long before over 150,000,000 people around the world heard her "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)", Katy Nichole was singing in her church choir. By age 14, she was writing songs and leading worship. Katy has served as an ambassador for the Shriners Hospital for Children and as a volunteer for Musicians on Call. She won the K-LOVE Fan Award and was named a YouTube Trending Artist on the Rise for the "In Jesus Name" video that has been streamed now nearly 5 million times. Katy's hit single continues at number one on the iTunes Christian and Gospel Songs chart, holding the top spot virtually every week since its release. So now, just settle in and get inspired as you listen in to two of God's girls, Jennifer and Katy.

Jennifer Rothschild: Well, Katy, long before you wrote the song that we all love, which, by the way, I call it a waterproof mascara song because I cry through it. But your song, "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)" is so beautiful ane we're going to talk about that in a sec. But before you wrote it, it's my understanding that you were diagnosed with scoliosis and that you went through surgery to straighten your spine. And I also read that that led to persistent pain. So can you kind of take us into that part of your story first? How did this affect you emotionally, mentally, spiritually?

Katy Nichole: Yeah. So I had back surgery in 2015 where I had metal rods and screws placed into my spine. And that surgery, I was really hopeful that I would come out on the other side and everything would be perfect and I would be all right. But unfortunately, that was not how it happened. I ended up being in excruciating pain every single day to the point where I just like, I couldn't do anything, any of the things that I wanted to do or any of the things that I did before the surgery. I was so frustrated and I was pretty mad at God at that moment in time. I think I've never really had that, even since, where I was just like, I don't know what to do with this. I don't know what to do with this. But there were a lot of moments where mentally, I was in a place of just -- I was discouraged, but I was completely hopeless. I think I had this sense of I don't know -- there was so much depression, so much anxiety, and it was consuming me, kind of like a dark, smoke cloud of my life that I just couldn't see past.

And I think that was the first time, too, in my life where I really felt like I was being consumed by darkness and it was causing me to turn to things that just were not the answer. And in the middle of that, somehow I was still calling out to God. And I think most of those prayers were angry, but I know God heard them. Even through my anger, God was still listening. And there was one point where I reached a place where I said, "God, I don't want to do this anymore. I want to be pain free." And I picked up a bottle of pills I had on my dresser, and I took that bottle of pills, and I was ready. I was like, I don't want to do this. And I was ready to give up. And all of a sudden, that bottle of bills just fell out of my hands, and I just felt the Lord saying to me, "I'm not done yet." And then that was it. God would remind me of that constantly, because this pain lasted for three years. I went from every single doctor that I could, and no one had the answer.

A lot of doctors were saying, well, maybe she's just dramatic. Maybe she's just -- there was a lot of -- I felt like I was going crazy. And so I got to this place where I was so frustrated that I didn't even know who I could trust or who I could talk to or anything, and really, it had to be on God, because I realized, no matter what, God was the only consistent thing I had.

Jennifer Rothschild: Yeah, you know, it's interesting. That's a hard story, because chronic pain can actually -- I mean, it can drive you plum crazy. Besides the physical pain, you're dealing with the spiritual pain, the emotional pain, and no one else can see it, so it's so hard. But I've recognized, too, in my life, because since we don't know each other, you may not know this, but I'm blind. And so I've had to struggle over the years with dealing with that, with God, navigating that, negotiating that with God. And one of the things I learned many years ago is... I can't afford to be angry with God because I need Him too much. I just cannot let my anger build this wall that separates me from Him, because, like you said, saying, he's all you got. He is all got.

Katy Nichole: That's so good!

Jennifer Rothschild: But three years later, you did go in, I believe, for an operation where they removed those metal rods and the screws. So tell us what happened with that.

Katy Nichole: Yeah, so I had my first glimmer of hope when a doctor came onto my team, and she said to me -- she goes, "I believe you, and we are going to fix this." When someone says that they believe you, number one, that really just fills you, and you're like, okay, now I don't have to feel like I'm going crazy. Now I don't have to -- She looked at me and she just gave me hope. And I ended up being told that the only option was to remove the metal rods and screws. They had tried everything that they could. They tried different medications, different steroid injections, all kinds of stuff that, honestly, those things can have longer-lasting side effects too. So it was all of these things coming together, and that was their last resort. That was their last option, was to take out the metal rods and screws, and it was riskier than leaving them in. But I said, "Do it!" I said, "I'm done. I give up. I don't know if I'm going to make it to tomorrow. I just need something." And so they went in, they removed everything. And I'm telling you, that dark smoke cloud that was over my life. I mean, the moment that I woke up from the second surgery, I saw the light again for the first time, and there wasn't a single window in that ICU. I know for a fact that that light was the light of Jesus. And there was something over my life that had given me purpose that day, and something I really like to just say and give to people is... Your purpose in life is not your job. It's not what you do. It's how you pursue Jesus. It's that Jesus is your purpose.

Jennifer Rothschild: Wow. I mean, that's so powerful because what you described -- there's some listeners right now who understand it because they feel it. I mean, they're hurting right now, and they feel it. And so for you to help differentiate what the sense of purpose and identity -- and where the light really comes from. It's not from the pain being removed, it's from the presence of Jesus. And so, let's move to that song, "In Jesus Name." I'm curious, when you wrote it, I would assume that some of this experience may have been part of what you drew from or inspired you to write it. So take us to that.

Katy Nichole: Yeah, so this song, honestly, I can say that it came from an encounter with the Lord for every single word that was spoken. And I genuinely believe that this was just a gift from God, because I have always written in a prayer journal. It's just been something -- or I've journaled most of my life, but a prayer journal started for me in 2020. And it was kind of when everything started to shut down, and my anxiety was getting really high during that season of life. And so I felt like a prayer journal was the place I needed to turn to. And so I started writing down my prayers, and I started looking back at those prayers and seeing how they were answered, and that was the coolest thing about it. So I ended up writing the song "In Jesus Name (God is Possible)" in August of 2021, but it was just "God of Possible." It wasn't "In Jesus Name" yet because it was a completely different song. And that song ended up taking us, I think, four months, four or five months to finish.

And I wrote the verses of the song when I had a panic attack. And I -- all of a sudden -- I just felt the Lord say to me, "I have something for you. Go to your piano." And I didn't really know what that meant, and sometimes I don't, but I just trust that God is leading me there. I just felt this urge to get up and go to my piano. And I was really broken in that moment. I was breaking down to the point where I was like, "God, I need you to speak something over me. I need you to speak life into me again because I'm broken." And all of a sudden, I just had... "I speak the name of Jesus over you and your hurting and your sorrow." And I kept writing out this verse that I felt like God was just giving to me, like -- it was just happening.

Jennifer Rothschild: Yeah.

Katy Nichole: So, I praise Him for that.

Jennifer Rothschild: It was like it was just a download. That you asked God for what you needed, and in Him giving you what you needed, He used you as a conduit to give it to others because it is powerful. And there is, Katy, nothing more powerful than we can speak over anyone's life than the name of Jesus. There's just nothing. Nothing. I mean, when you think about it, too... Suffering, it's just part of our human story. It really is. And God is using your story to minister to others. So, what would you say to someone who is living a story of suffering right now?

Katy Nichole: I would say that even through the suffering, God is still good. I wanted to be angry at God. I wanted to ask Him, "Why me?" I just wanted to be upset. But what I learned was that God never turned away from me because I was upset, not because of my anger. God never turned away from me at all. He stayed with me in every single moment. And I look back on my life, my whole life, and I just see where His handprint was just on everything. And so I just want to remind the person who is going through a season of suffering that God is still with you and He is still fighting for you. Even in your toughest battles, He does not leave your side, and He will fight for you, and He will win.

Jennifer Rothschild: Yes, He will. Good word. All right, let's pause and move over to your new EP, because I just got it last week. I love it, Katy. I really do love it. So one song caught my ear in particular that I was curious about. You have a song called "Things I Wish I Would Have Said", and it's like this musical apology -- for our listeners who haven't heard it yet. It, like, puts words to our regret. So I would love it if you tell me why you wrote it or recorded it -- why you chose that song.

Katy Nichole: Yeah. So this song has been something that's been on my heart for a long time. And ironically, the day that I went in and I wrote this song, I just said to the writers I was with, I was like, guys, I have to write this song. This is so important. It's something I have to say. And I know that there's probably someone else who also needs this in their life. Looking back on my past, I have had a series of broken relationships, and the one thing I was always reminded of was... I don't want to regret not saying, "I love you, I miss you, and I need you" to the people that I love. I don't want to wait until it's too late to say those things. And I've had a few family friends in my life who have battled cancer, and I've had broken friendships, and I've had complicated family things. And throughout all of that, I just said... "You know what? I also want to say I'm sorry for the words that I used to hurt you." There were always moments where I just felt like -- you know -- I know for a fact that I've made mistakes in my life, and I would never hold myself up so high that I couldn't say I'm sorry. I know I need to say these words to you. I know I need to say these things. And again, you just don't want to wait until it's too late. And I wanted to give that reminder to people.

Jennifer Rothschild: Well, it is a beautiful way to be reminded of that and to process those feelings and those thoughts. And it's just one of many very powerful songs on that EP. I am just so excited about it, Katy. It's fresh, it's meaningful. God has really gifted you and He's using you, and I appreciate your stewardship.

All right, sister, this can be our last question, though. So you're a young woman, Katy, and people may look at your life and they think, "Okay, wow! She's so young, and she's made it. Just look at the phenomenon of "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)". And you've got events that are scheduled with, like, Toby Mac and Newsboys and Skillet and Crowder and -- my very favorite -- Zach Williams. And you were just on the Grand Ole Opry, which is a big deal. Okay. You've got so much that people would look at and say, "Wow, she's so successful." And so my question to you is... Is that evidence of success? I would really love it, as you finish this conversation, for you to tell us, how does Katy Nichole define success?

Katy Nichole: Oh, man, that's such a good question. And honestly, I can say I appreciate that question too. I don't define success as any of these big accomplishments. I define success as exalting the name of Jesus. And if I were not on those platforms, I can still do that. And so, for the listener, I want them to know that that's their purpose in life, too -- is to exalt the name of Jesus -- and that they can do that no matter where they are, no matter what they're doing. This is my career. Every career has a way of lifting up the mighty name of Jesus. You can always do that.

I always thought throughout my life that maybe I needed to be a little bit filtered. And I realized how God could use me when I wasn't, when I just spoke the name of Jesus, when I just said, "Okay, this is what I believe in. This is what I stand firm on. This is my foundation." And I just saw how that changed my life and for the better in so many amazing ways. But at the same time, God is also using my gift in huge ways by putting me on the Opry stage and allowing me to open for some of the most amazing artists and artists I've looked up to since I was really young. And I'm so grateful that God has gifted me with this platform. I'm so grateful that God has allowed me to use my voice to share the good news, because I think -- obviously, all of these other people are doing the same thing -- and I just want to see us all just joined together and all of us just go out and do this, do the great commission. And it's so cool to see. It really is. I mean, it's like the most amazing thing, and I don't know if I even have the right words to describe it because it leaves me in awe every single day.

Jennifer Rothschild: Well, you know what, Katy? I just got to say one last thing. You've got this song on your EP called "Jesus, Thank You" which I love. And I just want to give a big "Jesus, thank you" for Katy Nichole -- your gifts, your heart, and through you, I want to thank Him that through you, Jesus is giving hope. So thanks for hanging out with us on the 4:13 today.

Katy Nichole: Of course. Thank you for having me.

KC Wright: You heard her definition of success -- exalting Jesus! And she's doing that through her music and her life. You can do that as well through whatever gifts God has given you and through your very life, too. So let's be a part of lifting High the name of Jesus because he is the God of possible. We will have a link to all of her music on the show notes so you can buy it.

Jennifer Rothschild: Yeah. And you need to purchase it because we want to support Katy and her ministry. And you need it for your own heart, my friend. So, our friends remember that if you are hurting, if you are feeling sorrow, if you need healing, all you need is in the name of Jesus. Because he is the God of possible.

Katy Nichole: *Music clip from song "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)"


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