Can I Like Who I Am? [Episode 73 With Priscilla Shirer]

What do you like about yourself?

Oh, girl, sometimes liking ourselves is tough to do. It’s often easier to pinpoint our weaknesses.

The very weakness you try to hide may be the place God wants to shine. [Click to Tweet]

Maybe today, you’re stuck in the bad habit of overlooking your fabulous and fixating on your flaws. But did you know that the very weakness you try to hide may be the place God wants to shine?

It’s true!

Today, Priscilla Shirer is on the 4:13 Podcast, and she shares how God’s Word helps you not only be yourself but also learn to like yourself.

Priscilla is an international speaker and Bible teacher, a New York Times’ best-selling author, and an actress with credits that include War Room, Overcomer, and I Can Only Imagine. She and her husband, Jerry, have three sons and live in Texas.

Sister, you will love this conversation! It’s going to be a breath of fresh air for you and fill your heart with hope. So, blow up the balloons! We’re about to celebrate you.

2 Ways to Like Who You Are

  1. Accept and celebrate your uniqueness. Priscilla compares your life to the stained-glass windows at her grandfather’s small church. She talks about how the light creates a beautiful picture on the wooden pews when it streams through the cracked and uniquely nuanced stained glass. She says, similarly, God’s light is meant to shine through every facet of your personality and your identity.

    God has created you perfectly … and that includes your strengths and weaknesses. He has given you uniqueness in your physicality and personality. All of it is designed to reflect the unique light of God to the world in a way only your packaging can. But, if you dull or diminish your stained-glass window, there’s a reflection of God’s grace, mercy, and power the world misses out on.

    When God’s light shines through every facet of your personality and your identity, you are radiant. [Click to Tweet]

    So, accept and celebrate the ways God has made you unique. Let His light shine through your life and be amazed as He starts shining through you in ways you would never have anticipated. As Psalm 34:5 says, “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”

  2. Surrender your weakness to God. While growing up, Priscilla remembers getting in trouble all the time for talking. When she was supposed to be quiet in school, she wasn’t. When she was supposed to be sitting still, she wasn’t. Priscilla says her parents wouldn’t tolerate her being disobedient and disrespectful to the rules of the classroom and her teachers.

    But, at the same time, she recalls her father, Tony Evans, saying, “Priscilla, I’ve noticed that every time you get in trouble, it’s regarding communications. I think when you go to college, you should major in Communications. I wonder if this is the exact thing that God is going to use for whatever purpose He has for your life.” So instead of merely pointing a negative finger at her weakness, he encouraged her to let God mold it.

    Priscilla says that your weakness might be the backside of an amazing strength God has given you. You can surrender and submit it to the Holy Spirit for Him to form. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a particular weakness anymore. What it does mean is that He redirects so it can be used for Him.

You can like who you are because God made you exactly as He intended you to be. But, friend, don’t stop there. Celebrate you!

Nobody can be you, but you. You are worth celebrating. God loves you and He wants to shine through you. So stop trying to cover all the cracks in your life with duct tape and let the beauty of the real you shine.

And, no matter how you feel or what you face, remember, you can do all things—including liking yourself—through Christ who gives you strength.

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