I Have a Pursenality Disorder

What is in my purse?

A few years ago, Candace Cameron Bure and I had a little girl-talk about what was in our purses.

You know, you can learn a lot about a gal by what’s in her purse!

So, I thought I would share with you our conversation.


I want to know about you… so, at the end, please let me know what is in your purse and I also want to leave you with something from Scripture that you can tuck in your heart — or your purse!

1. Describe your current purse:

Oh dear… this is hard as I have a “Pursenality Disorder!” I have lots of bags and change them all the time.

I have a “pursenality” disorder.
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But, because I travel, I carry Baggallini or Kipling most often. I have a champagne color purse and a black sling bag — I alternate between the two!

But, I have a friend who is more addicted than me. She buys Brighton purses, carries them for a month, and then sells them to me for half price! Yeehaw! So, I’m often seen sporting a new (kinda) Brighton!

2. Do you prefer a strap or handle?

My first choice is one strap; not too long!

But, when you are as addicted to purses as I am, you just can’t let that be a barrier to buying just one more!

3. What wallet do you have?

I just got a wallet from Thirty One. Their products kinda remind me of Vera Bradley. It’s lightweight, has a place for my phone, and a strap so I can just grab it and go. And, it’s monogrammed… love that!

4. Key Ring… What’s on it?

I have had the same key ring for 20 years and will probably carry it for the next 20!

It’s a sterling silver spoon handle. It’s my Mother’s silver pattern (it’s a Southern thing) and it always makes me think of home.

5. Phone type?

iPhone 5S

But, because I’m blind, I use the “Voice Over” setting and have a braille screen saver. And, a very blingy case. (That has nothing to do with being blind! It has everything to do with being female!)

6. Gum?

Find out what is in my purse.
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Eclipse Peppermint is always in my purse.

But, sometimes I get really crazy and buy Spearmint instead. I know, I know… radical.

7. Sunglasses?

Every time my girlfriends and I go on a summer get-away, we each buy a pair of Brighton’s. So, that’s what I wear most of the time!

8. Do you carry club cards & store credit cards? Which do you use most frequently?

I like things simple so I don’t carry store credit cards. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t have and use some… some stores give free shipping if I use theirs, so I just ask the sales person to look up my number. Other than that, I’m just a One Card Woman! You know,the biggies that every store accepts!

9. List all of your miscellaneous items:

  • pocket tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • black sharpie
  • Advil
  • floss picks
  • lip gloss
  • lip stick

10. What are 3 or 4 “must have” items in your purse and tell me why?

1.  Lip Gloss: Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss is my favorite. I use it like Chap Stick. My favorite is Slice of Heaven; smells good, tastes good, and looks good! If I don’t have some color glossed on my lips, my lips have no color at all! So, between my desire for vanity and need for moisturizing comfort, this lip gloss is always with me!

The 5 things I never leave home without.
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2.  BlueTooth Ear Piece: Well, since my phone says everything, and I mean everything, out loud, I never leave home without my ear piece so the whole world doesn’t have to hear my texts read aloud and an announcement of who is calling every time my phone rings. And, when I type a text, it says every letter and every word out loud! Talk about noise pollution!

3.  Caudalie Beauty Elixir:  I carry this amazing, cool, refreshing spritzer because I am hot! No, not that kind of hot. Since Menopause, I never know when and where those dreaded flashes will come! This spray is amazing. Just a few squirts on my face and neck can transform me from an erupting volcano into a human being again!

4.  I have a hot pink battery operated fan I always carry with me. When I use it, it purrs like a cat. Can you tell I am one hot woman?

5. Okay, I know you only wanted four, but… really… I have five! Last, but certainly not least… Dark Chocolate! Dove Promises are ALWAYS in my purse. And, I do not need to explain that to any woman… we all understand.

Fun, right?

So, what is in your purse? Tell the sisters… it will be fun and we may just learn something about you, or learn about something new we just can’t live without! 

But, before you do — just like the contents of our purses tell a lot about us, so do the contents of our hearts. You know, who we really are is revealed by what is in our hearts.

Just like the contents of our purses tell a lot about us, so do the contents of our hearts.
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Think about it like this…

If you kept pulling out the same old crumpled pack of gum, and tried to chew its dried up, crusty sticks, eventually, you would think, “Hmmm… I need to clean out my purse!” You would probably think, “I don’t want to chew this gum anymore because it tastes bad and it doesn’t satisfy me.”

Well, the same applies to our hearts. If the same old anger, insecurity, or worry keeps popping up, perhaps you need to clean out your heart.

What keeps coming up is what we need to lay down.

Ask God to help you see what you carry inside and if you need Him to help you clean out the contents of your heart. Your load will be lighter and, who knows, your “pursenality” may just improve!

The things that keep coming up in our lives are what we need to lay down at the feet of Jesus.
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So, now we went from silly to spiritual and both matter — girl-talk should include both. I leave you with this verse: “Create in me a clean heart, Oh God, and renew a right spirit in me.” Psalm 51:10

Okay, now… tell me what is in your purse!

For fun a couple of years ago, I taped a short video showing my abundance of purses. Check it out!

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